The Song

A television show that features songwriters and their original songs.

About Mary Wheelan
A singer/songwriter/poet/author/televsion producer and host, Mary Wheelan, has retired from her day job and now is able to focus her full attention on creative endeavors and the real work of her life. Mary has been writing songs since she was fifteen. She has songs on CDbaby, i-tunes and elsewhere. You can find music videos she has produced for some of her songs at her fan page on Facebook and a couple on Youtube. Some of Mary's songs are also on Reverbnation. Mary has written an e-book entitled "Songwriting on a Shoestring" which is available free of charge or for a donation of any amount  at 
Mary previously produced a show called From the Center when she was the Director of the South County Senior Center in South Deerfield, MA. She overcame fear of being in front of TV cameras because she believed so much in the idea of that show. She has brought even stronger belief in The Song and has used the courage of her convictions to produce an award winning television program.  
A memoir is in process and will examine, among other things, the healing role of songwriting and other creative endeavors in Mary's life. Some of Mary's songs are about social issues and current events and so some of her pefomances are for the benefit of such causes. As a solo performer and as a member of Visioning BEAR Singers, Mary sings songs about needed social and political change. Love songs, funny songs and more round out her repertoire and balance serious issues with a love of life and music.